Tasks of a gardener in the height of summer – presentation and talk 31/07/2014

07/31/2014 - 18:30
07/31/2014 - 20:00

Jávor Sára, a lovely gardener of Grundkert, has once already given a crash course for beginner gardeners on planting and other important practical stuff - thank you again for that! Another talk is going to be held 31st of July from 18:30 for those who couldn't participate the first time - and for those hearing about this the first time. Sára is ready to answer any questions, and participants will be welcome to share their experiences and tricks.

Current topics (which, of course, can be extended if needed):

  • Natural pest control through companion plants
  • Tasks of a gardener in the height of summer
  • Edible wild plants in your garden
  • Providing ground cover

Meeting the flea, the whitefly and the blackfly 17/07/2014

07/17/2014 - 17:00
07/17/2014 - 19:00

New creatures in the garden are usually a joy for the biogardener - not if they can be identified as pests. Lice chew on tomato sprouts, butterflies love cabbage leaves, and we don't even mention those insects we can't recognize.

Would you like to learn how to recognize pests in your garden and how to arm yourself with effective natural methods against them?

You can hear about all this on Thursday, 17th of July in Grundkert. Sojnóczki Annamari is going to introduce the most dangerous pests, such as whiteflies, blackflies and fleas, and teach us how to protect our plants. If we have time, we'll try some of the methods on the spot.
Bring a notebook, a pencil, a hand sprayer and some baked goods for Annamari!

350 The Baobab Campaign

A 5.5 meter tall Baobab tree needs 5 people to surround the tree at once placing their hands over the slits of the trunk in order to revive the wilted branches. The slits of the trunk signify the wounds, similarly our wounded environment. This installation of Baobab conveys a significant message to us by showing the importance of personal responsibility and the strength of a join effort to revive a tree, moreover, to solve the climate crisis. 350 is the safe upper limit in PPM for carbon dioxide emission in order to avoid the worst effects of the climate change. This number is used as symbol, coordinating and connecting local events all over the world.

The 350 Baobab climate tour project was a road show in Central Europe. The main purpose was to raise awareness on climate change in Central Europe and to highlight the importance of personal responsibility. The tour project started in Poland at the UN Climate Change Conference in December, 2008. The journey continued in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia in 2009. Messzelátó Association has been one of the partner organizations of the 350 Baobab climate tour. Now, you can always contact us if you wish to restart this campaign or to have the Baobab tree for your events!

What's more, you can be an organizer in your city/village to raise awareness on climate change through www.350.org.

Reference: http://www.messzelato.hu/baobab/

"Take Charge of your Life" - youth meeting 19/07/2014

07/18/2014 - 14:00
07/21/2014 - 00:00

"Take Charge of your Life" - youth meeting 19/07/2014

iYODA ifjúsági találkozóWe strongly recommend this awesome initiative, which hosts Messzelátó Egyesület as one of its lecturers, thus giving us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and share our views with the participants. So pack your bag and head to Fadd-Dombori where YODA* is awaiting you.:D

YODA Youth Association introduces "Take Charge of your Life" - a youth meeting

Aim in general: Organizing a meeting for local youth communities which creates value with the active participation of young people and provides basis for their planning of their future, a responsible use of free time and the emergence of local youth initiatives.

Concrete aim: Organizing a 2-day youth meeting (camp), which creates a platform for youth associations and volunteers to inrtoduce their work and responsibility in order for young people to have a possibility to obtain "good practice".

Looking for a new office!

It is a great pleasure for us that recently there has been a growing interest towards our programs, also more and more volunteers joining us, that means we have outgrown our present office: boxes everywhere, pasta making on the working desk, continous comings and goings during the meetings...
You may have experienced this situation when visiting us.
Therefore we have made up our mind to move into a new office from September on.

Paremeters of the desired new office:

- situated in the city center: VI., VII., VIII., IX. districts
- well connected to the public transport
- big size, at least 100 m2, 3 rooms
- the stairway is possibly equipped with entryphone and elevator
- invoice is provided
- friendly price or donation

May you wish to help us, please contact Nóri Benedek by e-mail: nori@messzelato.hu
or by phone: 06-30-252-6437.

Thanks a lot!

How to prepare deodorant at home

Now, we are in the beginning of July and it may happen to all of us, that our body sweats in the summer heat. It is not surprising, since sweating is a natural mechanism, this is why we are using deodorants to reduce sudation and have pleasant fragnance.
There are a plenty of deodorant types standing on the shop shelves, however we may not have thought about their destructive effects on our body.
The frequent use of these materials could cause seious diseases.
„Deodorant producers apply various critical staff during the production cycle so that costumers maintain comfortable smell during the whole day. One of these is the aluminium-chlorid, which fills up the natural ways of the sweat glands. Compounds of the aluminium has been claimed to be responsible for the maturation of Alzheimer-disease and breast cancer, evident proof has not been revealed though.

We were present on Margaret island!

What can be a family day about, that happens in frame of educating together? „One day, when children with the need of special care playing togethet with the other kids and enjoy the concerts and entertaining programs. One day, when anybody can become open and have an insight into the life of the people with disability and can learn how to help them. One day, when handicapped youngsters and their family can get answers to their questioms.” – highlighting the organisers in the event briefing.

We've done it!

Yes, we've done it, as we've collected enough funds through KAP! What's this exactly?

You could see us posting about it a few times during the latest months - it's an opportunity for the customers of MagNet Bank, through which they can offer 10% of their profit obtained through Magnet Bank to an NGO (including us). We received only a small amount of donations last year, but this time with the help of our speeding eco-rockets and enthusiastic volunteers we gathered the targeted amount of five hundred thousand HUF. This was worth celebrating with some tasty elderberry champagne!

Seedpaper making at Juliális 06/07/2014

07/06/2014 - 00:30
07/06/2014 - 18:00

Messzelátó will be presenting at one of the handicraft corners of Juliális - which means you will also be able to get or make some seedpapers beside getting a glittering body paint.

What actually is a seedpaper?
Imagine a postcard sent by your beloved person and the card is containing some rose seeds! After having read the loved one's greetings, you can grab a shovel and plant the postcard just to watch the seeds sprout few weeks later. To make it more eco-friendly, the seedpapers are made out of recycled papers.

Sounds thrilling? Come and try it yourself!

Details at Juliális`homepage: http://julialis.hu/

EVS at Messzelátó (for applicants)

Messzelátó Egyesület would like to host two long-term volunteers from February 2015, for a period of one year.
We would prefer to hire volunteers who can speak proficient English and/or Hungarian.

Application process:

  • Please fill out our application form. We don’t want you to write a motivation letter separately – please write down all your motivation in this form!
  • Instead of a regular CV (Curriculum Vitae) we would prefer a video or a Prezi about yourself. We ask you to send your links on the application form which was mentioned above. (We have created some guides for our favorite online tools: Prezi and PicMonkey. You can find the attachments on this page.)

Common Cauldron at Szimpla Kert with Messzelátó 22/06/2014

06/22/2014 - 12:00
06/22/2014 - 14:00

"Common Cauldron" is a community cooking event at Szimpla Farmers Market. For this event, the lunch is prepared each week by another organization in exchange for donations. This week, it's Messzelátó's turn in Szimpla Kert, and we can assure you that our soups will be excellent just like our soaps!

Lunch is going to be ready to be served around noon, but we advise you to come earlier and get some fresh fruits, vegetables, seasoned cheese, and other yummy stuff from the farmers. There will be live music, programs for children, and many things to eat!

For the menu: cherry & sour cherry soup with a hint of mint and home-made green pasta with creamy mushroom sauce. Hmmm... it doesn't sound bad, right?

Where: Szimpla Kert, Budapest VII., Kazinczy utca 14.
When: this Sunday (22nd of July 2014) around noon

Get some atmosphere with Tárkány Művek (a Hungarian band)!

Green Cosmetics and EVS at the 10th Szélrózsa Evangelical Lutheran Youth Gathering

07/17/2014 - 15:45
07/17/2014 - 17:15

In 1996, a national Lutheran gathering was established by few enthusiastic young people, being one of its kind back then. During the first Szélrózsa ("Wind Rose"), 800 participants gathered at Váralja to enjoy the true festival atmosphere which was created not only by devotions, concerts, presentations, and round table discussions, but also several games & workshops, a Market of Opportunities (a platform for movements and organizations to introduce themselves), Szélrózsa Kindergarten, theater plays, and a film club.

Since then, Szélrózsa has been taken place for every two years. Last time at Lake Balaton in Fonyódliget, 2000 young people participated. This year, in Soltvadkert, 3000 people are expected to participate.

Grundkert 2.0 opening event 31/05/2014

05/31/2014 - 15:00
05/31/2014 - 18:00

Also, the Messzelato Organization is a big enthusiast and gear of Grundkert Social Garden Community. For this reason, we would like to invite You to the Garden opening event to show you around our new garden with new yard and plants. It is going to be a great and big day for us because we have worked very hard for establishing this garden. We had won a major grant proposal which supported and financed the construction.

The topics of the opening:
15:00 – 15:30 Welcoming
16:00 – 16:30 Showing of the compost-point and the Garden
16:30 – 18:00 Plant and seed exchange

Please bring your friends, family, dog or any other relatives (we would like to remind you to pay attention to the plants and the garden). We will cook some delicious foods and have a picnic. It would be also nice if you can bring some homemade foods such as cake, syrup, roll, etc.

Please bring some plates, silverware, and cup for yourselves in order to not make any trash.

MagNet Bank – Community Donation Program

Imagine the MagNet bankers are so cool that they are donating 10% of their profit they earn to 71 NGOs. So, practically the clients can choose which organization the bank should donate their money to. We are very lucky this year because we have been selected as one of the 71 organizations. We would be thankful if you can help us to receive this great donation. For you, it is only going to take 3 minutes which will enable us to continue our work and carry on our mission.
The donation as easy as falling off of a log. The MagNet clients receive a letter with a code. Look up Messzelató among the list of all the other organizations and register your code for us. You can also find out our code on Magnet bank (https://www.netbank.hu/kap2014) in the KAP menu.
You can learn more about KAP here:

New events!

Zöld Otthon Akadémia foglalkozásokAs the summer is just at the corner we are already announcing the next events of Zöld Otthon Akadémia.

You can participiate on the following events:

Cheese making 06/06/2014 between 18h and 21h
Cosmetic making (sun cream) 20/06/2014 between 18h and 21h
Cosmetic making (sun cream) 03/07/2014 between 18h and 21h
Cheese making 10/07/2014 between 18h and 21h
Soap making 22/07/2014 between 18h and 21h

More information about the events can be found by clicking on the links above.

The forest is on your plates at Restaurant Day! 17.05.2014.

05/17/2014 - 13:00
05/17/2014 - 16:00

Pine sprout, dandelion, nettle, elderflower! Members and friends of Messzelátó Association are going to cook with those edible treasures from our forests and meadows on next Restaurant Day.

In 2014, we are strengthening our connection with wildlife. We have started to organize walking trips again and Kati has made half of the Messzelátó team crazy about picking mushrooms - thus the theme of this Restaurant Day is pretty evident.

Come and try our wild foods!

Menu as planned:
(The outline might change as it is hard to predict what we are going to find in the forest next week. But it is going to be delicious for sure!)

  • Wild salad
  • Forest tzatziki (or cottage cheese spread)
  • Strudel with herbs
  • Elderberry or acacia sweets with pine syrup


  • Pine sprout spritzer
  • Herbs smoothie
  • Elderberry champagne

Eco-friendly cleaning materials at the Monor slums

Olcsón, öko-tudatosan!

We have started off a workshop called "Cheap and eco-conscious” which could be accomplished with your support through www.adjukossze.hu. The first location of the event was on Monor, at its slum area.

Agreeing with our host, Maltese Charity Service, we held the workshop in two different parts on two different mornings. The location was at Nyitnikék Gyerekház (children's house) Service which is similar to a day care center where the mothers and sometimes grandmothers bring their babies.

Meet Our New Sponsors: Pasta Manufaktúra & ICO

We believe Pasta Manufaktúra has some amazing ideas that other business companies can follow! Since last year, their customers got 5 HUF worth of coupon that could be used for a non-governmental organization (NGO). This coupon can be thrown into one of the two boxes in the restaurant and each boxes are dedicated to a NGO. Pasta Manufaktúra is always selecting new NGOs to support. Please stop by at Pasta Manufaktúra on Deák tér for fresh pasta or even just for a quick look. You could also give them a virtual pat on the back for performing this awesome initiative!

Today, we had received a huge box full of surprises: lots of stationeries! Courtesy of ICO , our organization got plenty of new pens, mechanical pencils, punch-makers, colorful highlighters, and big scissors which made us extremely happy. Those colorful highlighters are always a must for our workshops and meetings (we cannot function without those highlighters). We will try to upload the pictures as soon as possible!

Deutsch Klub

04/14/2014 - 18:00

Deutsch KlubDeutsch Klub 2014

An 3 Abenden werden wir gemeinsam spielerisch Deutsch üben.
Lasst euch überraschen. Jeder der sein Deutsch trainieren will und Spaß am Spielen hat, ist willkommen. :)
Bitte meldet euch bis spätestens 11.April 2014 an.

Hier geht es zum Anmeldeformular:

Montag, 14.April von 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr
Montag, 28.April von 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr
Montag, 05.Mai von 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr

Ort: Gólya, Bókay János utca 34, Budapest

Ich freue mich auf euer kommen.

- Maria

Heroines of the Year 2014 award for the staff of Messzelátó

Az Év Hősnői 2014We are very glad to share our happiness with you: Glamour magazine awarded us as the Heroines of the Year. This is such a prodigious award for us. Just imagine: besides all the designers, models, or actresses Messzelátó has been selected to be the most exemplary organization of the year.

An organization is selected from all the Hungarian associations and organizations every year based on their outstanding female performance. Indeed, all the previous winners were individuals not an organization until last year. However, this year the award has been renamed as Heroines instead of Heroine since Messzelátó consists of more than one woman who is being a role model and doing a very important and valuable work.

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